Envoy On-Demand Cars

Parked At The Esplanade For You To Use


What is Envoy?

Envoy is the leading provider of on-demand shared electric vehicles. Envoy vehicles are located in dedicated parking spaces at The Esplande for our residents to utilize. We provide a turnkey solution that includes EV infrastructure and an all-electric fleet, entirely accessible via the "Envoy There" mobile app. At The Esplanade, we have (2) vehicles available for the day, hour or any length of time. 


How Can You Book? 

Via the “Envoy There” app, you can book a vehicle on demand by the minute for [$0.15-$0.45 per minute; max of $45/day!] including insurance, maintenance, and no need for gas. Learn more at www.envoythere.com. 

Envoy Fiat 500e branded rooftops

First Full Month’s Rent Free!

* Move in by August 15th

Your Info:
Call for details (833) 649-0720